Roman Zimbelmann

~M.Sc. Computer Science~

I am a German freelancer specialized in programming with Python, JavaScript, Bash, C++, with many complementary skills (data science, AI, webdesign, security, system administration, electronics) ready at your disposal to solve your IT problems.

In previous projects, I have innovated in the human-computer interface field (see PsyLink and Ranger), created and maintained complex software, interviewed stakeholders, automated expensive manual tasks, used AI to improve predictions, improved software performance, deployed countless websites, cloud systems, database migrations, and quickly learned new languages and frameworks as needed.

I'm a passionate and curious person, so my deep programming expertise is supplemented with a wide array of scientific, technical and artistic skills that help me bridge gaps betwen disciplines, think outside of the box, and persevere where others get stuck.

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4.5 years as programmer of laboratory management systems, mouse breeding, genetic engineering, CRISPR-Cas9.

Python, Django, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, AJAX, DevOps, Bioinformatics, Full Stack

Designed a fully functional AI-powered neural interface from scratch, based on electromyography, usable as a computer input device.

C++, Python, tensorflow, KiCad, Arduino

Created the file manager "ranger" for the Linux console, which is now widely used.

Python, Linux

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